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A wedding ring goes on the finger closest to the pinky on the left hand. One legend says that the Romans originated this tradition, as they believed a vein went from the ring finger to the heart.


The most traditional way to wear a wedding and engagement ring set is to wear both rings on the third finger of the left hand. It is left to personal preference whether the engagement ring or the wedding ring goes on the finger first.


A number of cool men's wedding bands and rings can be found at trendy jewelry stores, high-end department stores, online retailers, craft fairs or even flea markets. Try browsing the selection at Rings Unique, which showcases unique wedding rings for men, and Glamour magazine also offer suggestions


An antique wedding band is mainly identified by original receipts and documented paperwork. A wedding band is only considered antique if it is more than 50 years old.


In sociology, social placement is the idea that children inherit the social identity of their parents at birth. Social placement reflects the role of the family unit in social inequity. It is exceedingly difficult for children to transcend parental traits such as race, religion and class.


Two factors contribute to the best tattoo placements: level of pain tolerance and visibility. Some women want a noticeable tattoo, while others prefer discretion for professional reasons. All Women Stalk recommends the inner wrist as the best location because of little pain and the ability to cover


Women often get tattoos on their wrists, ankles, ribs and hips. Other interesting places where women commonly get tattoos include behind their ears and under their breasts.


The types of questions most frequently included on job placement tests include abstract thinking, understanding of information provided numerically, ability to process written information and personality characteristics. Mechanical reasoning is included on tests for technical or engineering position


Catholic parochial schools use the High School Placement Test to determine the acceptance of students into school or their placement in classes once accepted. The standardized test, which is administered by Scholastic Testing Service, is given to eighth graders.


Companies that provide training and/or job placement for IT specialists include JanBask, Addon Technologies, KsquareIT and Yes-M Systems as of 2015. These companies have websites that list their available courses and placement services when applicable.