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The history of engagement rings and wedding rings goes back to pre-history, during which some early humans would tie braids of grass around their mate's wrists and ankles. Later on, the ancient Egyptians gave their spouses gold or silver wire rings, which would then be placed on their third finger o


For a traditional Jewish wedding, the groom must give the bride a ring made of solid gold without any stones or gems. The ring cannot have anything cut through it completely because an unbroken ring symbolizes commitment to the marriage. The ring can be engraved with a phrase, which is typically wri


There is no official guideline or etiquette that covers whether or not a widow should wear a wedding ring after the death of her spouse. Rather, the choice to wear a wedding ring after a spouse's passing is personal and should be left to the individual.


Antique wedding rings tend to have gemstones cut in a distinctive style, which can be used to determine the age of the piece. They also have designs that reflect the era in which they were made, such as ancient Egyptian and Etruscan-inspired motifs during the 19th century when groundbreaking archaeo


The average ring size for a woman is size 6. This is based on a woman who is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 140 lbs.


The website, Wedding Wire, doesn't offer a specific service to help couples who are looking for matching wedding rings. However, it does allow couples to look for local jewelers in their vendors listings, who may be able to provide a matching set of wedding rings.


Although the ring finger of the left hand is more common for wearing wedding and engagement rings, in some countries, such as Spain, India and Norway, they are worn on the right hand. Those who wear their wedding rings on the right hand believe the right hand is more dominant.


Women wear thumb rings to make fashion statements and express their individual style. According to LoveRingReviews.com, a thumb ring can also indicate anything from a person’s sexual orientation to a status symbol; however, it should not be assumed that a person is homosexual based on this observati


Promise rings can be worn on any finger of either hand, but are often worn on the left ring finger. This is especially true if the promise ring is used as a pre-engagement ring.


Steve Harvey purchased a 25-carat canary yellow diamond ring worth $3 million for his third wife Marjorie Harvey. Steve Harvey is best known as the host of "The Steve Harvey Morning Show and "Family Feud."