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A number of cool men's wedding bands and rings can be found at trendy jewelry stores, high-end department stores, online retailers, craft fairs or even flea markets. Try browsing the selection at Rings Unique, which showcases unique wedding rings for men, and Glamour magazine also offer suggestions


A wedding ring goes on the finger closest to the pinky on the left hand. One legend says that the Romans originated this tradition, as they believed a vein went from the ring finger to the heart.


Wedding dresses for brides over 50 are found online from sites such as Flattering50, Perfect-wedding-dress-finder.com and Shirley's Dress. Dresses for older brides should flatter, with an emphasis on both look and comfort.


An antique wedding band is mainly identified by original receipts and documented paperwork. A wedding band is only considered antique if it is more than 50 years old.


Women can wear a floor-length gown, an upscale black dress or a cocktail dress of any length to a black-tie wedding, according to Emily Post. If the invitation indicates that black tie is optional, women have the same dress choices, as well as a stylish pantsuit or skirt and blouse.


There are multiple possible answers to this brain teaser, especially when one considers that a ring is simply a circular object with an empty center, or a generic term for a type of sound. For example, in the Solar System, the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all have rings.


From choosing a metal to figuring out who buys the wedding bands, our expert is breaking down everything you need to know to say “yes” to your wedding band. PHOTO BY SARA LOBLA In This Article While engagement rings get most of the attention, wedding bands are a huge component of your ring aesthetic


Looking for the perfect wedding band to complement your engagement ring? Here's what you need to know when shopping for the newest addition to your left hand Kevin Cremens Although the engagement ring bling usually takes center stage, finding the right wedding band is equally as important. Depending


A man explains to a stranger how wearing a second wedding band has changed his life. RD.COM True Stories Love Stories Silja Goetz for Reader's Digest I have worn two wedding bands for more than a dozen years. The rings seldom get noticed, but when I am asked about them, I respond, “I have two wives,


Which bands are fronted by women? Get into the girl power spirit with this list of the top 10 female-fronted bands in today's rock music. While they often don't get an equal share of the spotlight with men, women have fronted some of the most iconic bands of all time. Which current bands have female