Web Results


According to TechTerms.com, web pages are stored in web servers. A web server can refer to either the physical hardware — a computer system that runs special software designed to handle Internet traffic — or the software itself.


Users can print Web pages by clicking File from the menu bar at the top of the window. Alternatively, pressing CTRL+P will print the Web page.


A collection of Web pages is called a website. The Web pages are typically related to one another and served from a single Web domain. Pages of a website are usually accessed via a URL.


To create a personal Web page, sign up with a website creation service. Alternately, register for a domain name, select a hosting service and build the website from the ground up.


To cite a website in MLA format find the author or editor names, the article name, the title of the website, the date the material was published and the URL (if required). You will also need the date you accessed the material.


A collection of related web pages is called a website. It may contain words, pictures and other visual information that is accessible to the viewer.


To create a Web page that expires, the programmer needs to pass the time when the link was created in the query string into a URL that is tamper-proof. By doing this, the programmer allows the receiving page to check the time and decide whether the link is expired.