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Two of the best providers of Web courses are Open Yale Courses and Coursera, as of 2015. Because so many universities have created their own online course platforms or have partnered with sites to offer their courses, it is more pertinent to look at course providers rather than specific courses.


Personality development is a transgression through cognitive, social and moral development while maturing and understanding how reactions and emotions affect personal well-being. Various steps and stages occur when a person's personality develops.


As of 2015, Samsung, Vizio and LG are companies that manufacture Web TVs, or Internet TVs. Sony also manufacturers smart TVs, which allow for instant connection with streaming video services without connecting separate video streaming devices. Consumers sometimes refer to these TVs as smart TVs.


A developed country is one that has achieved a certain level of industrialization and economic performance. Definitions and specific standards vary, but a developed country normally has a stable economy, growing gross domestic product and reasonable per capita income.


Management development is important because it allows an organization to create a steady flow of capable leaders who can move into vacant management positions in the future. Companies that invest in management development reduce employee turnover as such programs increase job satisfaction, which det


A Web address, or URL, is an Internet address that denotes the location of a specific webpage, file or document on the World Wide Web. URL is a short for the term "uniform resource locator." Every page or file located on the Web is assigned a unique Web address.


The business development process involves finding people needing a service, building relationships through trust and credibility, discovering the appropriate solutions and offering services, reports the Canadian Bar Association. The combination of each step in the process is known as the business de


Professional development is growth in personal qualities, technical skills and soft skills that improve a person's performance capabilities in a workplace or career. Companies value professional development for overall growth in the capabilities of workers. Employees use professional development to


Patient portals are used extensively in the health care industry as of 2015, with major users including the U.S. Veteran's Administration, Kaiser Permanente and Aetna. Many individual doctors also use this technology, though adoption tends to lag behind larger organizations such as insurers and hosp


Web forms serve a variety of purposes depending on the needs of the site, such as allowing users to register for accounts, sign up for subscriptions or provide feedback on different issues. The forms typically consist of mandatory sections, such as an email address or name, and optional fields that