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In China, a vast land spanning many degrees of latitude with complicated terrain, climate varies radically. China has a variety of temperature and rainfall zones, including continental monsoon areas. In winter most areas become cold and dry, in summer hot and rainy.


Weather and Climate Spring in China. If you decide to visit this country - spring is the best time for the trip. Temperatures are warming up, but not yet so hot. March is a glorious time, the Cherry Blossom festival in full bloom. But remember the country's size - an average air temperature in different parts of China may be various.


The Chinese climate varies from region to region, since the country is so huge. In the northeast, where Beijing sits, the summers are hot and dry and the winters are freezing cold.. The north and central regions, including Chengdu, have frequent bouts of rain coupled with hot summers and cold winters.. In the southeast there is plenty of rainfall, semi-tropical summers and cool winters.


the fp is weather-climate-geography China Weather, climate and geography Weather and climate Best time to visit. China’s extreme size means it has a great diversity of climates, but being located entirely in the northern hemisphere means its seasonal timings are broadly comparable to those in Europe and the US.


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The north-eastern part of China, called Manchuria, has a markedly continental climate, with frigid, dry winters and hot, rainy summers.The winter monsoon brings cold air masses from nearby Siberia, while the summer monsoon brings warm and moist air masses from the south; in fact, the summer, from June to August, is the only season when there are significant rains.


China has a vast territory, and it has more than one type of climate due to different geographical zones. In China, there is tropical zone, subtropical zone, warm temperate zone, middle temperate zone, cold temperate zone and plateau zone. most regions in China are in subtropical zone, and parts of Guangdong, Taiwan and Yunnan and the all Hainan are tropical zone.


Climate and average weather in China. Find climate information such as temperatures, precipitation, sunshine, the best time to visit and much more on this website.


(climate and weather in China) China is a huge country, its territory spanning diverse landscapes and topography across many latitudes, therefore the climate of China is difficult to distil into averages and an overall picture.


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