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Symptoms of a Bad Ignition Coil. If a vehicle is behaving intermittently and is giving its driver some trouble in a smooth driving, then it could indicate that the ignition coil of that vehicle has gone bad. The failed or weak ignition coil symptoms may vary depending on the severity of the ignition coil failure.


The ignition coil is responsible for taking power from the battery and relaying the power to the spark plugs. This ignites the fuel and makes a car run. The severity of the symptoms of a failing ignition coil varies depending on which ignition coil is failing. A bad ignition coil sometimes causes a vehicle to not start at all.


The symptoms of a bad coil are misfire or backfire,engine stalling, hard starting and smelling fuel while trying to start, bad fuel mileage and not starting at all. If you are hearing a sparking coming from your coil its more apt to be bad ignition wires .I would start by checking plug wires and... - 1998-2003 Mazda Protege


What are symptoms of weak ignition coil? This is a discussion on What are symptoms of weak ignition coil? within the General Bandit Chat forums, part of the Suzuki Bandit Forum category; I have an 02 bandit 1200 with 21,000 miles. It had been running just fine until one day it started acting if it was running ...


A coil pack is a pack of ignition coil generally located in the top area under the hood, above the engine. Part of a car's ignition system, it is typically box-shaped in appearance, and amplifies the voltage sent to individual spark plugs. There are several ways to determine if your car has a weak coil pack.


The severity of the symptoms vary according to which of the ignition coils are failing. Backfiring. If your vehicle is backfiring, this can indicate early symptoms of an ignition coil failure. This occurs when unused fuel is emitted through the exhaust system. If you do not address the issue, you can also do serious damage to your exhaust ...


Symptoms of Faulty Ignition Coils . The ignition coil is the source of the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture in the engine's combustion chamber. The ignition coil receives a voltage of 12V from the car's battery and multiplies it to a higher voltage level.


It might feel weak with a tendency to stall, and may start to backfire. When the coil fails completely it will cause a non-running condition, or in the case of a coil-over-plug application, a dead miss in that particular cylinder. Bucking may accompany backfiring when the car's in gear, similar to the symptoms produced by bad timing.