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The list of companies that buy old computer equipment includes Capitol Asset, GreenTek Solutions and Liquid Technology. These companies refurbish old IT equipment and sell it again as a way to help other companies offset the cost of upgrading computers and reducing the amount of electronic waste tha


Buy construction equipment directly through manufacturing companies such as Caterpillar Construction and John Deere or through auctioneers such as the Ritchie Brothers. Companies such as Caterpillar and John Deere let customers purchase equipment online or provide means to locate one of their local


Replacement parts for old farm equipment are available for purchase from Agri Supply and McGee Farm Equipment. Both websites provide customer service if help is needed in choosing the correct replacement part.


Buy portable oxygen equipment from direct suppliers, such as Inogen and Oxygen to Go, or use online retailers that distribute brand-name portable oxygen equipment, such as Portable Oxygen Solutions or SpinLife.com. Active Forever is another company whose website provides a comparison of available po


The equipment necessary for a catering business includes food preparation tools such as knives, pans, pots and mixing bowels as well as appliances for preparing the food either at the event or in a separate kitchen. Owners also need tables, serving trays, utensils and vehicles to deliver food to eve


The essential equipment needed for surfing includes a surfboard, a wetsuit, a surfboard leash, a rash vest and surfboard traction pads or surf wax. In cold water, one may also need boots, gloves and a hood.


The volleyball equipment essential for game play includes the ball, a net and poles and markers for boundary lines. Pole pads and reinforcement cables for the net may also be used in organized play. Kneepads, moisture-wicking spandex shorts and specialized shoes are typically worn by players in indo


Those looking for classic or vintage B.U.M. Equipment clothing and accessories can find those products available through eBay and other auction websites. Some retailers, including Walmart, also sell workout gear and similar clothing from the company, but shoppers will find that not all stores offer


Various types of commercial car wash equipment are available for sale by companies such as Ryko and PDQ Vehicle Wash Systems, as of 2015. You can obtain more information about car wash equipment by submitting an email contact form or calling the companies.


You can buy mobile car wash equipment from Detail King and eBay. Whereas Detail King sells from its own inventory, eBay helps you get in touch with a seller that has mobile car wash equipment.