One way a head scarf is styled is tying it around the forehead and hairline, folded lengthwise until it is 3 inches wide, then wrapped around the forehead. The scarf is knotted in the back with the tails hanging down. More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

One way to tie a scarf is to wrap it around the neck, make a small knot midway up the two hanging sides by tying them together and then turning the knot to the side of the neck, allowing the ends of the scarf to dangle. ... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

One unique way to wear a scarf is to tie it around your waist like a belt. Another unique way to wear a scarf is to wrap it around a bun in your hair. More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

Tips for tying scarves in different ways include using tighter knots to ensure scarves provide superior warmth and choosing loose and comfortable knots when wearing a scarf as an accent item. Another tip for longer scarv... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

An easy way to tie a bandana around the head is to fold the bandana into a triangle, wrap it over the forehead and tie it into a knot in the back. Women can also tie bandanas in different ways to create retro pin-up look... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

Seven ways to wear the infinity scarf include wearing it as a head wrap, in the classic double style, as a shirt, Houdini style, as a skater skirt, in the Earth-goddess style and as a vest. Many of these styles have vari... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

To tie an infinity scarf, fold the scarf lengthwise in half, wrap it around your neck to form a loop, tie the ends into a knot to form a bow, and adjust the bow. This should take only a minute or two. More »