Drought is hard to detect and cannot be prevented. It is different from other natural hazards, such as typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes. The impacts of drought can be mitigated through careful planning and management p... More »

Preventative measures for dizziness vary depending on the underlying condition causing the dizziness, but options include abstaining from alcohol, salt, tobacco and caffeine; speaking to a doctor about discontinuing or l... More »

Preventing a stroke involves controlling the risk factors for stroke, such as drinking significant amounts of alcohol, not exercising regularly, being overweight or having diabetes, according to WebMD. It is also essenti... More »

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Some important safety precautions to take during a drought include water conservation and home preparedness. Droughts can create a number of hazards, some of which can even be deadly. More »

It is impossible to prevent natural calamities; however, it is possible to minimize the impact of natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, wild fires, droughts, landslides and famine. Most natural calamities canno... More »

Droughts can occur anywhere on the planet, but they are most prevalent and long-lasting in arid climates. Areas of the globe that experience high humidity and precipitation can have droughts when rainfall totals taper of... More »

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One important fact about droughts is that they increase the risk of wildfires. Low moisture and lack of precipitation can create hazardous conditions in forests and range lands that may create wildfires capable of causin... More »