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Small adjustments to your home’s energy usage can help you save electricity and money. Learn what you can do today to save on your electric bill.


To lower your energy bill, you might also want to consider getting a low-flow shower head or energy-efficient toilet, which may cost you a few hundred dollars upfront but help you optimize savings ...


There’s nothing like reducing your square footage to reduce what you pay in electric and gas. The average size of a new single-family home in the third quarter of 2018 was 2,320 square feet. Imagine going down to between 100 and 400 square feet in a tiny home. You would cut your heating and energy bill by around 90%! Don’t forget about your ...


41 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill. Everyone’s looking for ways to go green and save a little green these days. A major source of expenditure for all of us is our electricity bill. Its a great place to start saving money by making some small changes in your home.


Here are easy things that you can do to lower your electric bills year round, without sacrificing your family's comfort. ... (also known as an on-demand hot water heater). They can cut your hot water energy cost by half. Continue to 25 of 44 below. 25 of 44. Insulate Behind Electrical Outlets and Switches .


High energy bills are a pain, but there's hope for DIYers! Sealing air leaks, beefing up attic insulation, and upgrading your appliances are just a few simple ways to save on home energy costs. See our 10 tips to lower your energy bills year round at This Old House.


Your house's biggest electricity guzzler is the air conditioner (and heating in the winter), accounting for as much as half of your energy bill. Make sure your systems are running at their highest ...


Is your utility bill too high? ... you can make to help your home be more energy efficient and cut utility bills for years to come. ... temperature higher in the summer and lower in the winter ...


Microwaves also use a fraction of the energy as compared to your oven or stove top. Whenever you can, heat things up in the microwave to save energy. Final Word. When it comes to saving money on your utility bills, identify the items in your house that use both water and energy.


Lower Your Energy Bills Energy Efficiency is an Ideal Investment Energy Efficiency Increases Home Values Energy Efficiency Improves Your Quality of Life Environmental Benefits of Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency is Easy Energy Efficiency is Cost-Effective. ... Energy conservation: 10 ways to save energy.