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Canned biscuit dough is the ultimate baking shortcake hack, it’s inexpensive, it has a long shelf life, and integrates brilliantly with many delicious recipes. From doughnuts to cheesy muffins, here are 10 of Nicole’s favorite ways to use canned biscuit dough.


50 Insanely Delicious Ways to Use Canned Biscuits By Bharat Rajput. April 24, 2020 0 coment rios. Mini Nutella Doughnuts. You can make these bites in advance and refrigerate them before frying. Just be sure to bring the dough to room temperature before frying. —Renee Greene, Smithtown, New York.


With the holiday season coming up, it’s time to whip out your canned dough and take the stress out of holiday baking. Here’s 25 epic canned biscuit dough recipes to rock your next dinner or holiday party! The link to the recipes in each collage are right under the photo, arranged in groups of five.


Canned. Biscuit. Dough. Canned biscuit dough is convenient for 3 reasons: it’s inexpensive, it has an impressively long shelf life in the fridge, and it cooks in mere minutes. Better yet, there are endless ways to use this shortcut for flakey, buttery, and downright irresistible dishes.


Using canned Pillsbury Crescent Roll dough helped me learn how to cook when I was a teenager. Just because you know how to bake from scratch doesn't mean you always need to, and prepared dough can provide a blank canvas to experiment with flavor. There are dozens of ways to hack a can of crescent roll dough, from faux pain au chocolat to easy ...


22 Ways to Use Canned Biscuits (and None of Them Are Making Biscuits) Flaky, buttery biscuits are the best, and we wish we could eat them every day. You too? Well, that wish is getting even easier to grant AND tastier!


Biscuits aren’t just for breakfast, and we’ve got four recipes that will help change your mind. For more information: https://www.tablespoon.com/posts/4-ways...


Making Hand Pies With Canned Biscuits. Flour a counter surface. With a rolling pin, roll out canned biscuit dough into a 6-inch circle. Place the pie filling, diced fruit or dried fruit in the center of each biscuit.


5 Delicious Ways to Use Leftover Biscuits Everyone loves the simplicity of a flaky, golden brown biscuit with a little butter or jelly, but trust us, you don’t want to stop there. These buttery delights can be used in countless other recipes, and here are a few of our favorites.


It's not stupid. You are 100% correct, reheated biscuits suck hard. You can keep the biscuits in the fridge as long as you keep air from getting to the dough. IF you have a food preserver (one of those things you put an object in and sucks out the air - you'll need to place in an air tight container with most of the air removed.