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How to remove wax from floors the best depends on the type of material. A cleaner that works great on one type of floor can damage another. Here's how to get rid of wax on a vinyl or linoleum floor.


Waxed floors such as linoleum or vinyl can flake or become yellow due to age or too many layers of wax. Even freshly-washed and waxed floors can look dull or yellow if there are too many layers of ...


Prepare vinyl, no-wax, stone and tile floors for rewaxing by using this Trewax Instant Wax Remover. Instantly removes old floor wax buildup. Prepare vinyl, no-wax, stone and tile floors for rewaxing by using this Trewax Instant Wax Remover. ... 1 Gal. Floor Stripper is rated 4.6 out of 5 by 120.


The best way to strip wax buildup from floors depends on what kind of floors they are. For tile floors, remove the wax by mopping with ammonia, laundry detergent, and warm water. Then, let the solution sit on the floors for 10 minutes before scrubbing it in with a sponge.


Eliminate wax and polish build-up without damaging your floors with this New Beginning Floor Stripper and Cleaner from Armstrong. ... Your info says use on no wax vinyl floors. However, it also says use on vinyl floors to remove wax --- I want to use it on vinyl floors that have been waxed. Pleasse clarify Asked by: sonny.


Many floor cleaning products have a wax that adds shine and gloss to a vinyl or linoleum floor. These products protect the floor from stains by putting a nearly impenetrable layer of wax on top of the floor so that substances that would stain the floor cannot come into contact with the actual floor.


How to Remove Old Wax from Floors. Many of today's hard-surface floor materials, with few exceptions, do not require waxing to make them shine. Vinyl and ceramic or linoleum tiles are more commonly used over the old sheet linoleum that most of us grew up with.


Fresh wax makes your vinyl floor shine, but old wax collects dirt and makes the floor look dingy. That's why you should clean old wax regularly -- and the more often you do it, the easier the job.


Many types of flooring can be waxed, both as a form of protectant and for aesthetic reasons. But the wax can become discolored over time and adversely affect the way a floor looks. Rather than replacing the whole floor, removal of wax can be a cost-effective way to improve your floor's appearance.


Diluted household ammonia works great for removing wax buildup, as well as dirt and grime, on vinyl or linoleum floors. Mix from 1/2 to 2 cups of ammonia to one gallon of warm water. Have plenty of ventilation, and test it first on a small, out of the way spot to be sure the ammonia won’t damage ...