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"Wawa" is a term meaning "wild goose" in the Native American Ojibway language. The town of Wawa, Ontario in Canada even takes its name after the bird, with a giant goose monument at its entrance welcoming visitors.


A Wawa card is a pre-paid card similar to a gift card that allows a customer to make purchases at Wawa convenience stores. The card works much like a debit card.


Yelp is one of the most popular restaurant and service reviewing websites available for users. Individuals can use Yelp to leave reviews of their latest Wawa visits.


Wawa closed its original store at the corner of Macdade Boulevard and Swarthmore Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, because it built a new Super Wawa in the same location. The new Super Wawa store is still considered store number one for the giant Pennsylvania-based convenience store chain.


The Wawa Rewards program provides users who use a Wawa gift card with coupons after purchasing $50 worth of products from the store. Gift card holders also receive automatic entries into select sweepstakes offered with the program, and other benefits and discounts may also apply.


Wawa, the Pennsylvania-based convenience store chain, offers prepared takeout items such as sandwiches, bowls and sides. Sizzli-brand breakfast sandwiches and breakfast wraps are available, too. Menu beverages include specialty coffees and frozen blends. Salads, lunch wraps, hot dogs, hot pretzels a


Wawa, Inc. is a privately held company that is owned by Wild Goose Holding Company, Inc. Many private shareholders across several corporations are owners and take part in its profits and losses.


You can check your Wawa gift card balance online at Wawa.com. Alternatively, store associates can check Wawa gift card balances at the register prior to purchases. After a purchase, the remaining balance prints on the receipt, explains Wawa's official website.


To log into a Wawa Inc. employee profile, go to enrollonline.com/Authenticate, enter the employee ID and password and click on "Login." Once logged in, employees can view their benefits and other career information. Wawa Inc. is a chain of convenience stores located on the East Coast, primarily in P


Wawa convenience stores offer a variety of food choices with meal prices ranging from $5 to $10, varying by state. For general state prices, click on http://www.fastfoodmenuprices.com/wawa-prices/. Store locations can be found on https://www.wawa.com/StoreLocator.aspx