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A simple tool to convert a wavelength in nm to an RGB or hexadecimal colour. Over the course of millions of years, the human eye has evolved to detect light in the range 380—780nm, a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum known as visible light, which we perceive as colour.The particular range of wavelengths coincides with a window in the Earth's atmosphere, through which this light can trave...


The ASP used behind the scenes is based on an algorithm from Dan Bruton's Color Science Page: http://www.physics.sfasu.edu/astro/color.html


Convert frequency to wavelength and vice versa. Usefull when building an antenna


Javascript code to convert light wavelength to color. Submitted by ams on Sun, 04/15/2012 - 20:09. In the electromagnetic spectrum illustration and light color, frequency and wavelength post, I needed to calculate color from wavelength value.


# ' This function converts a given wavelength of light to an # ' approximate RGB color value. # ' @param wavelength A wavelength value, in nanometers, in the human visual range from 380 nm through 750 nm.


CIE convertor Color Wavelength or Color Temperature: nm / K Note: The Color Wavelength range is from 360 to 780 nm, input can be floating point. The Color Temperature range is from 1000 to 25000 K, input can be floating point. Please enter a valid value. The Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) to the x,y points on the xyY table were integrated ...


General idea: Use CEI color matching functions to convert wavelength to XYZ color.; Convert XYZ to RGB; Clip components to [0..1] and multiply by 255 to fit in the unsigned byte range. Steps 1 and 2 may vary. There are several color matching functions, available as tables or as analytic approximations (suggested by @Tarc and @Haochen Xie). Tables are best if you need a smooth preсise result.


Wavelength to RGB Converter. Enter a wavelength in nanometers between 380 and 780 and get an approximate RGB value. For example, 400 gives #8300b5, a shade of violet. More calculators like this one.


Light is an electromagnetic wave, and as such has frequency and wavelength. Wavelength determines the light’s color, as described below. Wavelength and Color. The shortest wavelength for visible light is 380 nanometers for violet light, and the spectrum continues to indigo and blue, then to green and yellow, orange, and finally — red.


Frequency / Wavelength / Energy Calculator To convert wavelength to frequency enter the wavelength in microns (μm) and press "Calculate f and E". The corresponding frequency will be in the "frequency" field in GHz. OR enter the frequency in gigahertz (GHz) and press "Calculate λ and E" to convert to wavelength. Wavelength will be in μm.