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Bookkeepers record important financial transactions, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, expenditures and receipts, as well as track profits and losses in a general ledger for both businesses and individuals. Bookkeepers typically use software or create computer spreadsheets and databas


A bookkeeper's primary responsibility is maintaining the financial records of a business, including accounts receivable and accounts payable, making payments and bank deposits and recording financial transactions. Bookkeepers work closely with other employees to ensure the proper handling of all the


Basic bookkeeping courses include introductory courses that explain the importance of meticulous bookkeeping, the rules for identifying and logging debits and credits, and information on how to create journal entries. Other basic courses teach students the general principles of accounting and basic


Bookkeeping involves recording basic accounting transactions such as recording invoices from suppliers, paying suppliers, processing payroll and recording cash received from customers. Bookkeeping is a subset of accounting. Accounting is usually more involved and includes activities such as creating


When interviewing a bookkeeper for a position, ask questions about which legal bookkeeping requirements the individual is familiar with, past bookkeeping experience, specific bookkeeping systems the applicant has used in the past and inquiries regarding their problem-solving skills. A bookkeeper sho


Some requirements of a bookkeeping job include keeping track of office supply and equipment levels, making purchases with management authorization, monitoring fixed assets, regularly paying supplier invoices while finding and employing discounts on those invoices, monitoring and paying all debts whe


The average hourly wage earned by bookkeepers as of May 2014 was $18.30, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This wage equates to $38,070 per year. The highest average hourly wage was $29.31, earned by the 390 bookkeepers in the postal service.


AccountingDepartment.com and Bookminders are companies that offer bookkeeping from home job opportunities, as of 2015. Other companies that hire virtual bookkeepers include TAD Accounting and Bateman and Company.


Duties of a bookkeeper include performing general accounting tasks, such as maintaining financial records, entering daily, weekly and monthly financial transactions, and verifying the accuracy of bookkeeping software. Bookkeepers also perform checks and balances and audits, according to Durham Tech.


Bookkeepers are responsible for recording, updating and verifying the financial records of organizations. Related job titles with very similar duties are accountant and auditing clerk.