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QuickBooks is accounting software offered by Intuit. The software is designed for small businesses and includes features such as bill payment, payroll management and balance sheets. Profit-and-loss statements are also available via QuickBooks.


QuickBooks is used to track income and expenses, record transactions, send estimates and invoices, automatically back up data, and track inventory. Other uses for QuickBooks include paying bills, preparing IRS 1099 forms, tracking billable hours by customer and filing payroll taxes.


Xero, FreshBooks, Intacct and NetSuite are all potential alternatives to QuickBooks. Unlike QuickBooks, these programs utilize a Web-based infrastructure, allowing clients to access them on tablets, mini laptops and smartphones.


QuickBooks accounting software can be learned through live training courses that are offered online or in person. It can also be learned using self-paced videos that are either streamed or available online.


A selection of free tutorials for Quickbooks is available at FreeQuickbooksLessons.com and Quickbooks-Training.net. Both sites offer tutorials for a variety of skill levels from beginners to more advanced users. Free Quickbooks Lessons only offers video tutorials, while Quickbooks Training offers vi


Intuit, the vendor of QuickBooks Pro accounting software, provides downloads for the software through its website. To download the software, navigate to the website at Community.intuit.com. This page provides download links for various versions of QuickBooks Pro.


QuickBooks Enterprise edition is similar to other QuickBooks products, but is uniquely tailored to small businesses in the retail, contract, nonprofit, manufacturing and wholesale industries. It allows unrestricted access for up to 30 users and has six times the capacity of other QuickBooks products


A QuickBooks summary lesson refers to a review lesson covering all the major functions of QuickBooks computerized accounting software. Some of the important topics covered in the summary lesson include navigating the software, keying in data, connecting to the bank, generating reports and managing p


Quickbook Pro for Dummies 2015 is found at the large retail stores, such as Barnes & Noble and Books A Million, as well as online at Amazon.com and the creator's website at Dummies.com. Barnes & Noble also offers a Kindle edition for a discounted price.


Wave accounting features a fully integrated single login solution, personal budgeting tools, credit card payment processing, bank integrations and real double entry accounting. Wave accounting is a good option for free accounting software for small businesses.