Customers can request a free J.R. Watkins product catalog by visiting and filling out the request form. Watkins catalogs are exclusive to the United States and Canada as of 2015. More » Business & Finance Business Resources Customer Service

Individuals wishing to order a J.R. Watkins catalog can visit the order catalog page at the company's website and choose to download a digital catalog or receive a paper version by mail. Receiving a mail order catalog re... More » Business & Finance Household Budgets Coupons & Sales

Stanley Home Products maintains an online catalog of products available for purchase at The online catalog allows consumers to purchase and ship products directly from the site, but orders may ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Locate a J.R. Watkins consultant by visiting, clicking on the Locate a Consultant link under the Shop heading at the bottom of the home page, and filling out your details. Provide an address, including a ci... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Customer Service

The direct route to the McKesson Medical Supplies and Equipment online product catalog is through the company website at As of 2015, the catalog link is in the right-hand column at the bottom of the home pa... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Customer Service

As of 2015, J.R. Watkins' official website does not list butternut extract as one of its products, and several web-based distributors of Watkins products confirm that the company no longer makes butternut extract. Other ... More »

Natural products by J.R. Watkins are available through online retailers such as and It is not possible to order the products directly from the J.R. Watkins website, though the site does list near... More » Food Grocery