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Genetic splicing is the process in which an organism's DNA is cut and another gene is added. It is used so single-celled organisms can produce certain products, such as insulin, and produces genetically altered organisms.


The common types of wire splices are the Western Union splice, tap splice, staggered splice, fixture splice and rat-tail joint splice. Splices are used to connect two wires for the purpose of carrying either electrical current or a network signal. The splice must be strong in order to work effective


Gene splicing is a technique used in genetic engineering where the DNA of a living thing is edited, in some cases replacing existing genes with genes taken from another plant or animal. Enzymes are used to cut the DNA strand and remove a piece, which can then be replaced with new information. This c


Rope splicing is when two ropes or two parts of a rope are untwisted and then interwoven to form a semi-permanent joint between them. A splice sometimes is preferred over a knotted rope, as a knot can reduce the strength of the rope by up to 40 percent.


Electrical wires must first be stripped, then twisted together and covered with a wire nut in a junction box in order to be spliced together properly, according to Home Depot. Splicing joins two or more electrical wires together in order to make wires longer or to facilitate more outlets for electri


Leading waterproof phone case makers include Lifeproof, EscapeCapsule, Aryca and Vansky. Most of these companies manufacture protective cases for different brands and models of smartphones, including iPhone and Android varieties.


As of 2015, some highly rated waterproof or watertight boxes include the Survivor Dry Box from MTM, the Watertight Box from Outdoor Products, the Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box from Plano, and the Scuba Diving Waterproof Dry Box from Scuba Choice, according to customer reviews on Amazon.com. The w


To waterproof wood, clean and dry the surface, and apply multiple coats of a waterproofing agent. These agents can be oils, varnishes, primers, stains or sealers and are available at most hardware stores. It can take hours or days to complete this project, depending on the type of agent used.


Some good waterproofing paints are KILZ Masonry Waterproofing, Drylok Latex Base Masonry Waterproofer and Zinsser Watertite Waterproofing paints, each company's website notes. The KILZ website offers a waterborne waterproofing paint that is suitable for either interior or exterior concrete and mason


One tip for making fabric waterproof is to rub warm beeswax on the cloth. Another tip is to wipe the fabric down with linseed oil.