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The WaterBoss 900 is a home water softener. It uses a mixture of salts and special purifiers to treat hard water, or even regular tap water, in order to make it safer for drinking. Like all appliances, you may at some point experience malfunctions or problems with the WaterBoss.


After sending three messages to WaterBoss's on-line help department and not receiving a reply to any of them, I called their technical service people today because my new water softener exhibited a problem yesterday. This problem was not related to the original problem that I tried to contact them about.


It is important to have your well water tested before deciding on the proper treatment for your water. The Waterboss is capable of handling most common well water problems. See the Products Selection Guide of this website to learn more about the Waterboss model 700 and 900 and the Waterboss line of filters.


The WaterBoss 900 is a large capability water softener that works by eliminating dissolved calcium in your water as well as magnesium. Although the system requires little maintenance, you may still encounter a few problems.


WaterBoss 900 Water Softeners. WaterBoss ® Model 900 Water Softeners, the high usage model, is the model for large families. The Model 900 can soften up to 90 grains per gallon while reducing up to 10 ppm (parts per million) of ferrous iron, and filter dirt and sediment.


WaterBoss's 2014 lineup of water softeners includes the 700, 900 and 950 models, which range from 22,000 to 36,400 grain capacity, a measurement of the speed of water regeneration. In addition to ...


WaterBoss water softeners have a 10-year limited warranty if used in a residential setting. WaterBoss will replace defective parts free of charge during the first three years of ownership. The resin tank and brine cabinet are warrantied for 10 years.


Frequently Asked Questions. Does the WaterBoss PRO/PROPLUS line remove Chlorine? The WaterBoss PRO/PROPLUS line reduces free chlorine to nominal amounts by adding KDF to the one of the compartments of the patented WaterBoss media tanks.


Waterboss 36,400-Grain Water Softener System. ... does the water boss 900 have a bypass valve so I can water flower and vegetable plants Asked by: porg. ... but once the warranty is expired--the same old problems will recur and the part costs for those issues are exorbitant.