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An underground water leak detector is a tool for locating leaks in underground pipes. Leak detectors employ sound-detection technology to pinpoint the exact location of the leakage. A typical unit provides a method of isolating the sound of a leak from the sound of normal water flow.


Companies that make underground water leak detectors include Fisher, Metrotech, SPX and Amprobe. These devices detect leaks using a variation of acoustic, ultrasonic and tracer-gas detection methods.


Inficon produces several models of Helium vacuum leak detectors, including Helium leak detector UL1000, Dry helium leak detector UL1000 Fab and Dry helium leak detector UL5000. Dry helium leak detector UL1000 Fab is designed for testing of semiconductor process tools, gas systems, hermetically seale


People often use metal detectors to search beaches, parks and similar areas for lost items made of metal, such as coins or jewelry. The hobby typically involves scanning a specific area, sometimes removing surface debris, until the detector picks up an object. The person then digs into the ground to


A variety of external elements can cause a false alarm from a standard ionization smoke detector. Loss of power, humidity, dust, insects and debris from common household appliances can all cause a false alarm.


For most water lines inside homes, the easiest way to find a leak is to inspect the entire plumbing system for visible water. For buried or otherwise inaccessible water lines however, finding the leak requires using a sensitive audio instrument. These sonic instruments require training to use proper


To install a water detector circuit, take a perforated board of about 2 inches by 4 inches and wind two coils of 22 AWG wire around it. Mount the sensor to the water alarm circuitry box using foam tape or silicone adhesive. To enable battery monitoring, connect the analog input pin to an output pin.


Metal detectors work by sending and receiving electromagnetic fields. A search coil sends an electromagnetic field into the ground. That field energizes any metal object it contacts, then the object sends an electromagnetic field back up. Once that field reaches the search coil, it is detected and a


The two most common types of smoke detectors are ionization detectors and photoelectric detectors. Ionization smoke detectors sound when smoke blocks the flow of ions they generate. A photoelectric smoke detector goes off when smoke particles bounce light from its LED against its photocell.


Use the water meter for your home to detect a water leak. Choose a time when no one is using water and make sure all appliances, including ice makers, are off before taking the initial reading. After one to two hours read the meter again. If the reading has changed, there is a water leak.