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Different types of fuel tanks are sold used, including auto fuel tanks and industrial fuel tanks. Websites such as Equipment Trader and Auto Parts Warehouse typically offer listings of used fuel tanks.


Remove a fuel tank from a car by draining the gasoline, detaching all the fuel lines, disconnecting the rear brake lines and loosening the retaining brackets. If your vehicle is rear-wheel drive, you need to drop the rear suspension. Simplify reinstalling the tank by taking a digital photograph befo


Northern Tool & Equipment, Amazon and RepairClinic are retail locations where fuel tanks for generators can be purchased, as of 2015. The retailers carry tanks and parts for a variety of generator models.


Fuel tank capacity is the amount of fuel that fits into an automobile's fuel tank. The owner's manual of a vehicle normally includes the fuel tank capacity.


To remove a fuel oil tank, drain the tank, remove the fuel lines, drop the rear suspension, loosen the straps and remove the tank. This task requires several things, including fire extinguisher, floor jack, hose clamp, gas storage container and fuel lines. Sockets, wrenches and others tools are also


Permanent fuel tanks are marine fuel tanks that are installed permanently on a boat. Inboard and stern drive boats usually have permanent fuel tanks mounted underneath the deck. Most permanent fuel tanks hold gasoline and are made of polyethylene plastic or aluminum.


To replace a new boat fuel tank, drain the old fuel and remove the current tank. Then install and connect the new tank, says DoItYourself.com.


In order to replace a fuel tank door, remove the pins holding the hinges, loosen the assembly and replace the unit. It is recommended to apply masking tape around the outside of the door to help protect against scratches while working. Install the new door, then align, hinge and tighten everything p


Home fuel oil storage tanks are generally classified as aboveground or underground. Underground tanks or USTs, are buried in the yard. Aboveground tanks, ASTs, are typically located outside the house, in a crawlspace or in the basement.


Stock marine fuel tanks are fuel tanks for boats and other sea-worthy vehicles. These are the fuel tanks that the boat manufacturers put on their vehicles, either above or below deck, and are typically cheaper than custom models and fit a majority of industry standard water vehicles.