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Water-Heater-Repair-Guide.com, Appliance-Repair-It.com and Acme How To are all websites that provide free guides on how to repair water heaters. Each website offers troubleshooting options for different water heater issues.


The most common reasons why heaters fail have to do with neglected maintenance, ignition and pilot control issues, wear and tear, dirty filters, and issues with the thermostats. While there are dozens of reasons why heaters stop working, these are among the most frequent.


The cost for repairing a standard hot water heater varies based on the nature of the repair work, not the size of the unit, so large water heaters typically don't cost more to maintain and repair. Large commercial units, however, may command higher repair bills.


Water heater repairs are typically safe to perform if the unit is unplugged before being opened. Those working on gas units also need to make sure the gas valve is properly closed.


Owners can replace the heating element on an electric water heater to repair one of the most common problems that occur with these units, a lack of hot water. If the tank is leaking, it is beyond repair and requires replacement.


The method of repairing an electric water heater depends on the machine's specific problem. Common problems of electric water heaters include failure to heat water, production of excessively hot water and water leaks. First, owners must disconnect the power supply to the heater before attempting any


To repair an electric water heater, you must first identify the specific problem. Generally, electric water heater problems include inability to heat water, overheating water and water leakage.


Under its Extended Protection Plan, Lowe's provides a technician to service water heater parts during the life of the plan. According to the Lowe's website, the plan covers electrical and mechanical issues, and problems caused by dust, heat and humidity. It also covers failure caused by normal wear


Water heater elements typically must be replaced if they break. While those with specialty tools and experience with electrical work might be able to fix a broken heating element, the relatively low cost of replacement generally dissuades people from doing so.


The average cost of a heater core repair is from about $560 to $730, as of 2015. This is made up of from $465 to $590 for labor and $95 to $140 for parts.