Hydropower is one of the oldest power sources, and it is a renewable source. Hydropower is less costly than most energy sources, and states in the United States that get the majority of their power from water have lower ... More »

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Geothermal energy is formed within the Earth. Geothermal energy is clean and stable, but it's only available near tectonic plate boundaries. Plate boundaries are where volcanic activity and earthquakes occur. More »

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One fact for kids about solar energy is that it is energy harvested from the sun. When the sun's rays, also known as solar radiation, reach the Earth, the energy is converted using appropriate technology into heat and el... More »

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To winterize a recreational vehicle, disconnect its main water source, and turn off the power sources in the vehicle, before draining water from all the faucets and water heaters. Add special RV antifreeze in the tanks, ... More »

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The advantages of hydroelectric power are that it is a renewable energy source, it uses naturally flowing water and it helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is also reliable and has low operational and maintenance... More »

Some benefits of using solar energy in a residential home are decreased energy bills, passive income generation, a reliable source of energy, locked-in energy costs and increased property value. Other benefits to society... More »

Ways to unclog a ZeroWater filter include re-tightening the filter, punching holes into the screen of the filter and changing the water source. Make sure that the filter is truly clogged, as water filters slowly with a Z... More »