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The lesson is an activity introducing the versatility of water as a solvent. Students will initially predict the solubility of a substance by matching the substance with an appropriate solvent. Then the concepts involved in solubility, ionic compounds versus covalent compounds, and polar compounds versus non-polar compounds will be presented.


Solutions are made of a tiny bit of solute and a large quantity of solvent. In this lab your students will dissolve sugar (solute) into water (solvent) to make sugar water (solution). Practi Plan your 60-minute lesson in Science or Acids and Bases with helpful tips from Sean Gillette


Water is called the universal solvent because many substances dissolve in it. Water is a molecule , which is a combination of atoms held together by a chemical bond.


Water as a solvent. Polar solutes. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic substances. Watch the next lesson: https://www.khanacademy.org/science/biology/water-acids-and...


The water is the solvent in a salt-water solution. volume: The three-dimensional space occupied by something. Assessment Pre-Lesson Assessment. Brainstorming: As a class, have students engage in open discussion. Remind students that in brainstorming, no idea or suggestion is "silly." All ideas should be respectfully heard.


Definition of solute and solvent and examples. Water as a solvent and how ionic and covalent solutes dissolve in water. Click Create Assignment to assign this modality to your LMS.


In this solvent worksheet, students explore why water is considered a universal solvent. Students explore what can change dissolving rates. This worksheet has 8 matching, 3 short answer, 11 fill in the blank, and 4 problems to solve.


This makes water molecules polar. Water as a Solvent. The polarity of water explains why it is an excellent solvent. It readily dissolves so many other substances that is often called the universal solvent. Before describing how water dissolves ionic and polar substances, watch the videos below.


About This Quiz & Worksheet. Test your knowledge of water as an universal solvent with these assessments. Assessments items will focus on characteristics of the water molecule and other ...


The cytoplasm, which is mostly water, is a solvent which allows a bunch of interactions to happen between different types of molecules. But let's think about why water is a good solvent, and what types of things it can dissolve easily and what types of things it might not be able to dissolve so easily.