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Kyogre Emerald; Kyogre is a Water-type Legendary Pokémon in Emerald. Kyogre can expand the oceans. Kyogre is again a powerful Pokémon, which can control the water elements and rain. Normally it is very peaceful, but when it meets its rival Groudon, it will engage in a battle mood. Rayquaza Emerald; Rayquaza is a dual-type Legendary Pokémon ...


Select three Pokemon (Water Type, if possible) and join forces. Magma Leader Maxie and Team Admin Tabitha (simultaneous) Mightyena: Level 42 Crobat: Level 43 Camerupt: Level 44 Camerupt: Level 36 ...

lparchive.org/Pokemon-Emerald-(by-Crosspeice)/Update 22

Let's Play Pokemon Emerald by Crosspeice - Part 22: That's a Lotta Water . ... despite being unable to use one of its STABs. Sure it can't learn Rock Slide outside of breeding like every Rock type ever, but it gets Ancientpower at level 43! That's, uh, something. It can at least use Take Down or Double-Edge, as well as Earthquake, but its ...


I am starting Emerald over and I am going to do an all water team and I would like to know what pokemon would be best for a team. right now I have mudkip. move sets and suggestions would be appreciated.


the answer depends upon what other pokemon you have in your party. if you already have a grass type then ludicolo is a waste of time. if you already have a flying type then gyarados is a waste of time. it all depends. if you dont care about what all that then i'd say the best pokemon would be either wailord (for his hit points) or ludicolo (for his interesting variety of moves). anyways...


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Once you have defeated all of the trainers in the gym, you encounter Gym Leader Norman. Norman has four Pokemon: a level 27 Spinda, a level 27 Slakoth, a level 29 Linoone, and a level 31 Slaking. Again, all of these are normal-type Pokemon that are weak compared to the fighting-type.


Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald In-Game Tiers. By Fireburn. Art by ... Drought also removes its Water weakness and it has Fire Blast to crush Grass- and Ice-type Pokémon. In Emerald, it doesn't come until after you beat the Champion. ... and by time you can get it you have already seen too many other good options for a strong Water-type ...


Hoenn has too much water, so you will almost certainly have a powerful Water-type Pokémon at your disposal with Surf, so Tate and Liza won't pose much of a challenge. Tate and Liza were given a far more robust team in Pokémon Emerald, before being dropped back to two Pokémon in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. 12 Most Powerful: Lance


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