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Since Diesel fuel injection systems were first invented and used to control engine operation, water in the Diesel fuel has been the biggest contributor to the failure of such systems. Repairs are generally expensive due to the hi-tech nature of components and the amount of parts that can be affected by the contamination.


Water contamination is one of the chief enemies of any diesel-fueled equipment. All fuels contain some water in suspension, but unlike gasoline, diesel fuel is less refined and will hold a much ...


Water is commonly found in diesel fuel due to condensation, handling and environmental conditions. Diesel fuel tanks are always subject to water condensation because diesel fuel, unlike gasoline, has no vapor pressure to displace air. When a fuel tank is warm, the air expands and is forced out.


Water in a gas tank can lead to bio-degradation of the fuel. It can also cause microbial growth in the fuel, which will damage the entire fuel system and induce filter plugging. Certain other likely effects of this problem are holes in the fuel tank and failure of the fuel injector.


The symptoms of diesel bug or bad fuel in the tank are not that hard to recognise but dealing with the problem requires a combination of fuel polishing using water removing equipment, good housekeeping, careful choice of where to get the diesel from when a fill up is needed, possibly some additives to kill the bug ready for the annual fuel ...


Answer: Besides your engine not running or running poorly, a periodic visual check of the fuel water separator on you engine is the best way to see if water is beginning to accumulate in your fuel system.Most modern engines have them installed, and some of the more sophisticated units even have wired electrodes that will sound an alarm when water gets to a certain level in the canister.


Diesel Truck Parts Damage Fuel and Water contamination . Diesel Engine Trouble Shooting Chart . All diesel engines are not made the same, but the information listed below is a generic cause and effect list of items to check for when diagnosing diesel engine trouble.


In addition, water commonly accumulates in stored fuel and is the most damaging contaminant to diesel fuel and the primary catalyst to additional fuel breakdown. Although some water can be added with a fuel fill, much more common is moisture being introduced through a tank vent as air is drawn in to replace used fuel.


Re: Symptoms of bad water seperator? The contaminated fuel has been ran through. I am just curious if the water seperator is just full of water causing the engine issues. Not really sure here just guessing. Was gonna add the sea foam to help clean any crap out that may have accumulated. My hopes are that the combo will help solve my problems.


Can bad fuel cause white smoke. Yes. If the fuel is contaminated with water or some other foreign material it is possible that it will produce white smoke. The best way to test the fuel is to pull the filter and put it in a clear glass. Wait a few minutes and see if there is any separation. Can air in fuel cause white smoke. Yes.