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The NCAA was founded in 1906 as the Intercollegiate Athletic Association and adopted its current name in 1910. The original 62-member school organization was founded to protect young people from the various exploitive and dangerous practices in athletics at that time.


The amount of NCAA Division I schools differs between sports, with football and hockey having the fewest and basketball having the most among major sports. The larger state and private schools generally field Division I teams in all sports.


Tyler Hansbrough holds the NCAA record for most made free throws, sinking 982 free throws over the course of collegiate basketball career. Hansbrough, who was a student-athlete for the North Carolina Tar Heels from 2005 through 2009, broke the previous record of 905 free throws set by Wake Forest's


The history of the NCAA football championship began in 1869 with Princeton winning the first championship. The winners of the championship were selected by members of the Associated Press and other ranking outlets until 1998 when the Bowl Championship Series selected the two teams to compete in a na


Some popular NCAA mascots include the Penn State Nittany Lion, Otto the Orange of Syracuse University and Michigan State's Sparty. Mascots entertain audiences and get people excited during sporting events.


The NCAA death penalty is a rule that allows the organization to ban a member school from sports competition for a minimum of one year. The NCAA has used this penalty a few times, and according to the organization's founding rules, it has always had the ability to impose bans on member schools it de


The National College Athletic Association's rules for overtime in college football say that in the event of a tie game at the end of regulation play, each team gets one possession starting on the opposing club's 25 yard line. After each possession is over, the team with the most points wins the game


The Today Show may be watched live in the studio by making a reservation online in advance of the show. Live streams of the Today Show are also available in some areas on NBC.com.


As of 2014, the chemical supplement known as creatine is not banned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association; however, there are strict guidelines on how it can be obtained. Players competing within the NCAA may supply creatine on their own as long as they are paying for it with their own fun


Good live sports include football, rugby and ice hockey. Soccer and basketball are also entertaining spectator sports. Basketball appeals to live audiences due to the skill and tactical sensibility required to play the sport.