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It is legal to watch music videos online at sites including YouTube and Vimeo. These sites feature official videos often uploaded by the artists or record labels themselves.


People can access free music videos through the YouTube website. They can also stream free music videos through the Vevo and Vimeo websites. Google, Sony Music and Universal Music all own Vevo.


Free streaming music can be listened to online through sites and services like Spotify, Pandora, Mixcloud, SoundCloud and Slacker Radio. The number of tracks available for free, advertisements, song library and customizability depend on the individual service.


The Concert of Europe was formed to maintain a balance of power and preserve the political and territorial integrity of European nations after the end of the Napoleonic Wars. Founding members included the United Kingdom, Russia, Austria and Prussia. Later, France was also allowed to join.


On Vimeo.com, users can legally watch and download music videos posted by thousands of different artists and record labels. As of 2015, Vimeo only provides download support to Windows and Mac users; however mobile users can still potentially download videos using a web browser compatible with Vimeo.


MTV and YouTube are only two of the many websites that allow viewing of music videos online. Both platforms allow the listener to search for specific music videos or watch the highly recommended ones.


Crackle and Hulu are two services that let users watch movies for free online. Both options use commercials for ad revenue to ensure free content is available. These companies also have original content not available elsewhere.


Some popular free online movies for 2015 include “9/11: The Falling Man,” “Saints and Soldiers,” “The Hustle” and “The Cake Eaters.” These movies are some of the most popular on Hulu and Popcornflix, two major free streaming sites.


As of 2016, most new-release movies are unavailable to watch for free legally online. Many websites claim to offer free new-release films but fail to explain that the films are copyrighted content. Government agencies regularly patrol these websites and may also issue fines for the illegal activity.


To listen to free music online, use Internet radio websites such as iHeartRadio and Pandora. In addition, free music is found on many radio station websites, as well as on YouTube and Spotify.