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Many large television networks, such as the American Broadcasting Company and CBS, offer live streaming news via the Internet for free. Many local news stations also stream live news at no charge.


There are several options for viewing live TV online, according to Tom's Guide. Sling TV and local news sites allow viewers to watch live broadcasts. Ustream shows live TV as well as live video streams that are not available on TV.


Many television networks offer live television either on their own website or in partnership with other video streaming websites. It is legal to watch live television online, providing the stream is authorized by the company that owns the broadcasting copyright.


The Today Show may be watched live in the studio by making a reservation online in advance of the show. Live streams of the Today Show are also available in some areas on NBC.com.


The options for watching Channel 5 will vary depending on where a watcher is, what options their local Channel 5 offers and what company runs the channel. Most channels do not offer live feed unless they are currently broadcasting local news or weather at the time.


Unfortunately City TV does not offer live streaming online as of 2015. All you can watch on the City TV website, CityTV.com, are full episodes of their television shows after they have aired on cable TV.


It is perfectly legal to watch TV online without paying. Many TV networks encourage viewers to watch their shows via the network's own website. PBS, ABC, NBC, Comedy Central and BBC America are among the TV networks that actively promote online viewing, as of 2016.


The Streema and DeliCast websites provide live online streaming of the most popular Spanish television channels, including thematic channels and national and regional generalist channels. As of September 2015, Streema features live streaming of 113 Spanish television channels, while DeliCast feature


You can watch FOX Sports 1 (formerly Speed Channel) live online by either using the FOX Sports Go application or logging in online directly through your cable or satellite provider's website. FOX Sports 1 requires a paid TV subscription for access.


As of 2015, "The Equalizer" is available online to download or rent from Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, VUDU and PlayStation Video. The rental cost is about $3.99, and the cost to own it ranges from $12.99 to $24.99, depending on the service and quality of video.