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Remove the back of a watch using tools appropriate for the type of watch back found on the watch. Verify that the watch back can be removed with the watch band in place. If not, remove the watch band before proceeding.


Watch battery changing tools are tools used to open a watch case and remove the battery, such as watchmaker's case-knives, adjustable case wrenches, tweezers and precision screwdrivers. The exact tools needed to change a watch battery vary depending on the type of case ...


Snow shovels, snow blowers, ice choppers, snow pushers and snow plows are some good tools to use for snow removal. Additionally, power scrapers and snow-melting cables get rid of stubborn snow and ice with little effort.


To remove rust from tools, soak in Coke or white vinegar for 24 hours, then immediately apply a generous amount of citrus cleaner or Scrubbing Bubbles to all metal components. Allow the cleaner to soak for several minutes, then scrub the tool with steel wool, a brass br...


Microsoft and Trend Micro both make virus detection and removal tools that are available for free online. Microsoft's program is designed as a long-term solution to removing viruses while Trend Micro's software is designed to be run after a virus infects a machine.


Removing the top cover, or cabinet, of a washing machine is fairly simple. It requires the use of a Phillips-head screwdriver and a flat-head screwdriver. The key to the removal of the cabinet lies in the end caps on either side of the washer, which house screws that ho...


Main types of bearing removal tools include bearing pullers and wedges. A large adjustable wrench, channelocks, bearing race driver tool or various size punches, as well as a socket and ratchet set or assorted crescent wrenches, are all tools used when replacing a wheel...