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In 2013, the population of Washington state was 6,973,742. Of that population, 81.2 percent was white, 4 percent was black or African-American, 1.9 percent was American Indian and Alaska Native, 7.9 percent was Asian, 0.7 percent was Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, and 11.9 percent was H


Ohio vital statistics are the data and legal records that are collected and kept by the Office of Vital Statistics, which is part of the Ohio Department of Health. Those records serve as data for statistical measures used in public health.


The Ohio Department of Vital Statistics provides birth records, death records and adoption information for individuals born in Ohio. The office also provides marriage and divorce records and paternity records that were filed in Ohio.


The four primary medical vital signs are body temperature, respiration rate, pulse rate and blood pressure. These physical measurements provide critical data regarding an individual's physiological state.


The vital organs are the brain, the heart, the lungs, the liver and the kidneys. These are organs that a person couldn't live without if one or the pair of them were entirely removed.


The Vitality wellness program is a personalized plan that helps individuals improve their health, explains the company's official website. The Vitality program, typically offered through a person's employer, allows participants to complete personal health assessments and screenings, set individual h


Washington gained statehood in 1889, and is the only state named after a U.S. president, George Washington. It is home to Mount St. Helens, which famously erupted in 1980, leaving behind trees scattered like matchsticks and a mountain with an enormous crater at the top. Starbucks started in Washingt


The United States Census Bureau publishes statistics about the United States population on its United States Quick Facts Page, according to the Census website. For example, it notes that the population of the country in 2014 was 318,857,056, up from the 2013 estimate of 316,497,531, which is an incr


As of 2016, speeding is the third leading cause of all traffic accidents behind distracted driving and impaired driving, says Caddell Weiland. It is also the cause of 33 percent of the accidents involving a fatality. Up to 13,000 people die annually from crashes caused by speeding, and such accident


The US Census Bureau keeps income statistics for the United States. This agency presents the data, both current and historical, in tables and reports, according to the Census website. Raw data can be found, as well as analysis of the numbers on topics, such as poverty and income inequality.