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Fireplaces that include the Warnock Hersey mark are available at thousands of fireplace retailers throughout the United States, such as Fireplace Center in Hilo, Hawaii; California Stove & Supply in Concord, California; and Alpine Fireplaces in Boise, Idaho. Warnock Hersey is the safety and performa


Warnock Hersey is a mark used in North America to indicate compliance with building codes and safety standards on construction sites. The symbol is commonly found on wood fire-rated doors.


Intertek's Warnock Hersey Mark is a mark certifying product safety and performance used in North America, including on wood fire-rated doors. Intertek is a company that ensures products meet safety, health, environmental and quality standards for almost any product.


Find replacement parts for wood pellet stoves with the Warnock Hersey Mark on sites such as Stove-Parts-Unlimited.com, WoodmansPartsPlus.com, eBay.com and HearthStove.com. Intertek, an OSHA-recognized testing laboratory that measures the safety of various products, maintains the Warnock Hersey Mark.


Warnock Hersey is not the brand name of a wood stove manufacturer, but rather a product safety and performance verification mark which appears on nearly 80% of all wood stove doors in North America. The WH Mark is issued by the third-party certification agency Intertek.


To qualify for a Warnock Hersey mark, a fire door must comply with local and national codes, requirements and standards as determined by an Intertek inspection or previous certification. The Warnock Hersey mark demonstrates that a product conforms to these standards and that the manufacturer receive


As of January 2016, reviews regarding gas fireplaces say they are attractive, provide sufficient warmth and are relatively easy to install. One reviewer at Wayfair's website says that Napoleon's Vent Free Gas Fireplace should save money on heating bills and that the well-made product runs quietly.


To light a gas fireplace, turn the gas supply valve on, depress and hold the supply valve in, and repeatedly press the ignition button until the pilot flame lights up. Release the control valve once the pilot is lit.


To install a gas fireplace in an existing firebox, remove the burner pipe, connect the gas line, screw the gas log in place, and turn on the gas. The supplies you need include pipe compound, scissors, a wrench, a gas log and a gas line.


Find consumer information on gas fireplaces by reading reviews in a consumer research magazine or book that focuses on appliances and household items or on product review websites such as ConsumersDigest.com. Good places to find consumer information on gas fireplaces also include home improvement ou