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When Britain entered World War I, it was primarily in reaction to Germany invading Belgium. Britain promised to defend Belgium in perpetuity under the Treaty of London, which it entered into in 1839. A secondary reason the country joined the war was too ensure that no European country became signifi


Great Britain is an island situated in the Atlantic Ocean on the northwest section of France, east of Ireland. It is a geopolitical region comprising the autonomous but not independent nations of England, Wales and Scotland.


Examples of colonialism include the ancient Greek colonization of Sicily, the Spanish colonization of South America, the Viking colonization of Normandy and the British colonization of Australia. Colonialism involves a powerful nation sending settlers to permanently live in another land under the or


The 13 colonies were the original British colonies in the Americas, which later banded together to stage the American Revolution and become the United States. These colonies were located along the East Coast and included Virginia, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.


Britain entered World War I in 1914 to honor a treaty that promised to defend Belgium and to fulfill an alliance with France and Russia. The Germans attacked Liege, Belgium, in the first battle of World War I, and then marched on to attack France.


According to Oxford Dictionaries, "colonialism" means "the policy of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically." Many countries and empires, from the Greeks to the Americans, have engaged in colonialism.


Great Britain is one shortened version of the name of a country with the official name United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The term "Great Britain" technically refers to the island containing England, Scotland and Wales, so calling the country the United Kingdom is more accurate.


Great Britain is an island that consists of three independent regions: England, Scotland and Wales. Great Britain is part of the country of the United Kingdom, along with Northern Ireland. The southern portion of Ireland is an independent country.


At the onset of the World War I, Britain declared war on Germany because of their move to force Belgium to give up its neutrality and allow German troops across its borders, even after Britain demanded the halt of their actions. Britain held back its declaration until Germany fully attacked Belgium,


The American Colonies were mostly self-governing, but they were organized primarily as royal, proprietary or provincial colonies with a bicameral legislature and a governor appointed or approved by the king of England. A second group of colonies, charter or corporate colonies, were self-governing wi