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Xbox games can be played on a PC through use of an emulator program. Emulators enable a computer to function just like a regular console system, though there are several steps involved with setting up the emulator on the PC.


As of 2014, without performing unauthorized modifications to the Xbox 360 console, it is impossible to play a game intended for PC on an Xbox 360. This is largely due to Microsoft's desire to control what content is available to run on its system through its DRM policie...


Playstation games can be played on a PC through an emulator, a program that mimics the console's hardware. Some examples of emulators for the original Playstation are ePSXe, pSX, PCSX-Reloaded, PSXEven, AndriPSX, Bleem! and PCSX.


PlayStation 2 games can be played on the personal computer with the use of a video game emulator such as the PCSX2. With the PCSX2 emulator, the player can choose to play with the original PlayStation 2 game disk or an ISO plug-in.


According to N4G, the best-looking PC game of 2013 was "Crysis 3." Although several other games are nearly as good, they don't have the same ability to scale-down on computers that can't handle the processing power that "Crysis 3" needs.


To transfer games from a PC to a PSP, insert the PSP's memory card into the PC's media card reader, and copy the game file into the memory card's folder. You need a Memory Stick Duo SD card and a PC or laptop with an SD card slot.


According to Gameranx, some of the best strategy PC games include: “Civilization V,” “Age of Empires III,” “Ages of Wonder III” and “Starcraft.” Strategy games on the PC are usually broken up into real-time or turn-based strategy games. The enjoyment of these games come...