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As of 2015, the price of an oil change at Walmart starts at $26.88, according to Walmart.com. Prices vary based on the store's location and the type of services performed during the oil change.


ConsumerAffairs.com, Yelp.com and AngiesList.com provide reviews of Walmart Tire and Lube Express. Since the quality of this type of service is specific to the Walmart location, area-specific business review and complaint websites, such as the local Better Business Bureau, are often the most helpful


Since World War II, the price of oil has suffered spikes generally correlating with instability in the Middle East. Prices have fluctuated between a $20 to $30 per barrel average during times of relative peace to spikes above $75 during the 1970s and the post-9/11 War on Terror.


As of 2015, consumers reported paying between $25 and $50 for oil changes using conventional oil and $45 to $70 for oil changes using synthetic oil, according to Angie's List. Pricing varies depending on the car's model, the oil filter used and any additional services the customer requests.


Walmart's full list of food prices can be found on the Walmart website under the "Food" listing. Customers may also sort by "Special Offers" as well as different brands or dietary restrictions.


According to Pep Boys, hybrid vehicles are the only exception to car makes and models that will result in an additional charge from the standard oil change. Some vehicle manufacturers will recommend certain oil, which can be more expensive than standard motor oil, such as synthetic or high-mileage m


During an oil change, used oil is drained, the oil filter is replaced and fresh oil is added to the engine, according to Car Talk. The oil is removed by unscrewing the plug from the oil pan using a box-end wrench, states The Family Handyman, and drained into a pan.


An oil change can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes depending on the location and the services performed in addition to the oil change. An individual who chooses to change his own oil can expect it to take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.


Oil should be changed in the interval specified in the vehicle's owners manual. Among 2013 model vehicles, the oil change intervals can vary from every 7,500 miles in some cars to as high as 15,000 miles in others. These are high intervals are because of advancements in oil and vehicle technology.


As of January 2015, Goodyear offers oil changes starting at $19.99, according to their official website. National Tire and Battery also offers an oil change deal for $19.99 plus a $3 disposal fee if you make your appointment online, as listed on their website.