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Current adds another dimension to angling, which can be a challenge, but it often concentrates walleye in specific areas. The next time you plan to go fishing for river walleye, be sure you've got a selection of these go-to lures. Fishing Jigs . River fishing for walleye without jigs is asking for trouble.


So you have decided to try walleye river fishing. You have ch­osen a river, have access to a boat, and your best friend has agreed to go with you. You are ready to hit the water, right? Not quite. In order to catch a walleye, you need to hook the bait that walleye prefer on lures that will make the ...


One of my favorite rigs for early- and late-season walleye fishing, when the water is generally running high, fast and dirty, is the Dubuque Rig. The Dubuque Rig is designed for trolling, generally upstream (although downstream is possible when flows are low), and is centered around the venerable 3-way swivel.


Whether you’re fishing from shore or on a boat, on a river or massive lake, conditions this time of year can flip-flop hourly. ... and productive lures ever made. Walleye anglers use them for ...


Generally speaking, small lures resembling baitfish and No. 6 hooks for worm rigs should be more than adequate for most river walleye fishing. River walleye fishermen should be ready to adapt to existing conditions and try to match rigs that other successful anglers are using.


RIVER RIGS Tackle tips for trolling and jigging--THE MARTIN RIG When muddy water obscures your jig, troll this double-barreled rig, which will put a pair of thrumming lures in the fish's face ...


­Walleye river fishing is active and exciting. Walleye are big, tasty fish. The state record in Minnesota goes to a 17 pound, 8-ounce behemoth that was 35.8 inches long. [source: Minnesota DNR] This isn't your grandfather's fishing. Don't expect to nod off while you lazily float around in a boat. This is a hunt.


Walleye Fishing Rigs for river fishing mainly consist of weight, spinners, worms, jigs, crank baits, and my favorite tubes. Columbia river walleye fishing is my primary target and we have hundreds of miles of river to chose from. The walleye fishing rigs you will use vary slightly and oftentimes it can very significantly.


Basic Walleye Fishing Techniques for Shoreline Anglers in Washington TheWDFW. ... Great fishing rig to use from shore. Awesome for walleye, bass, bluegill even carp! ... Columbia River Spring ...