The world record for walleye was registered at 22 pounds 11 ounces. It was caught in 1982 during a fishing tournament on Greer's Ferry Lake in Arkansas. More »

Whether a driving record transfers from one state to another depends upon the new state's laws. Even if the driving record is not required to be transferred by the new state, the old record remains available. More »

To obtain copies of state immunization records, submit an immunization record request form to your state's Department of Health and Human Services, or its equivalent department. The state then issues an immunization cert... More »

The world record for a crappie is 5 pounds 3 ounces according to the International Game Fish Association. The largest crappie captured is a white crappie, which also goes by the names of papermouth and bachelor perch. Th... More »

The record catch for a bluegill weighed 4 pounds 12 ounces. T.S. Hudson made the record-setting catch on April 9, 1950, at Ketona Lake near Tarrant, Alabama. The bluegill had a girth of 18 1/4 inches, and was 15 inches i... More »

To catch walleyes, consult local organizations to determine where the fish are located, and use the appropriate bait for the season and water conditions. Using a depth-finder helps to identify the location of fish. Catch... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Water Sports & Activities

The largest officially registered walleye ever caught had a length of 35 inches and had a circumference of 23 inches. The fish weighed 19.3 pounds. More »