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I was without my big toe (and second toe) for about a year. Unfortunately for the rest of my foot, I passed on getting therapy or fitted for anything that would aid with walking, jumping, running, etc. I guess you could call me stubborn (I go by many names).


A person without one big toe would still be able to balance himself while walking, jogging or running. The big toe does play a crucial role in standing upright and moving, but a person could still move freely without a big toe after he got used to his new gait.


Dr. Laha responded: Yes. Having a big toe removed can alter a person' s gait . Usually, an orthotic device (arch support) with a toe filler along with a good stiff soled shoe will minimize gait irregularities. Dr l.


Can a Person Walk Without Toes? Although a foot without toes will hinder stability, balance and strength, it is possible to walk without toes. ... People who lose only a big toe may opt to purchase a prosthetic big toe, but this is usually unnecessary and done for cosmetic reasons.


Is this really a big issue? My big toe hurts when I walk. What is it? My big top my toe hurt. It have green and mark and blue mark. It hurt to bend down. It hurt to walk on it. What should I do? What wrong with my toe? Why can't my friend walk if all she has is a broken big toe? My right big toe begins hurting while sitting.


yes because if we did not have it then ID1165397653 -----Without our big toe, the mechanics of walking would be very difficult, and not very efficient.


If you must walk with a broken big toe, you should buddy-tape it to its neighbor and wear closed-toe shoes for added protection. If you have access to a cane or walking stick, using it can help protect your big toe from becoming too involved in helping balance and stabilize yourself as you walk.


Many people learn to walk—and even to run—following the loss of this toe, but it usually takes longer than recovery from the loss of the little toe, and may be more painful. Also, because they are not designed to carry as much weight as the big toe, the other toes are not as strong, and may begin to hurt after you have been walking for a while.