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Freezer access doors can be external or located inside the cooler section. 4” Extruded Polystyrene insulation or Foamed-In-Place Polyurethane used in both the cooler and freezer of the combination walk-in. The cooler portion is available with or without a floor. Insulation quality of walk-ins is often measured by R-value; the resistance to ...


Barr Commercial Refrigeration has a wide selection of affordably priced walk in cooler/freezer combo units. We carry combo units from the top manufacturers including Kolpak, Crown, Tonka, Tyler and more. Barr also offers custom new and used coolers and freezers, so if you don’t see the size you need, visit our custom page or call us with your ...


When your buildout includes a walk-in freezer and cooler combo refrigeration unit, call SRC. We can design and build units that fit your space and your specs. Our cooler/freezer combo units exceed EISA requirements providing your customers with the most energy-efficient refrigeration units designed to make the best use of their space.


A combination refrigerator and freezer walk-in unit is a great solution to space limitations. Combination refrigerator/ freezer walk-in’s are available in indoor or outdoor units with either self-contained or remote refrigeration systems. Customize the combo unit’s configuration to fit your foodservice operations specific needs.


American Cooler Technologies in Lawrence, Michigan, is an industry-leading insulated panel manufacturer. We provide quality, custom-designed walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, and walk-in cooler freezer combos to solve your temperature control challenges and design requirements. By leveraging a commercial refrigerator freezer design that ...


A walk-in cooler or freezer is ideal for large commercial kitchens in need of high-volume storage space. Walk-in coolers can hold everything from produce and ingredients to leftovers and meat. Use a walk-in freezer for long-term frozen storage of ingredients and food. Shop Central for walk-in coolers and freezers from top manufacturers.


Walk-In Coolers & Walk-In Freezers. From a minimum 36 sq. ft. cooler to the more elaborate 10,000 sq. ft. cold storage warehouses, Master-Bilt walk in coolers, freezers and combos provide the right amount of temperature-controlled space.


Walk-ins. Nor-Lake manufactures walk-in coolers, freezers and combination cooler / freezers. From a quick and easy to install Kold Locker™ to an extended length Fast-Trak® to a custom built Fineline™, Nor-Lake provides everything a walk-in may require.


Kold Locker™ Walk-ins. Over 10,000 Kold Locker™ walk in cooler and freezer configurations are in stock and ready to ship THE SAME DAY!. Each Kold Locker walk in cooler or freezer is matched with a Nor-Lake exclusive Capsule Pak packaged refrigeration system featuring a flush coil to allow 100% usable interior space.


If you need a room's worth of cold storage, shop JES Restaurant Equipment for Walk-In Coolers and Freezers . We carry products from some of the industry's top manufacturers, including Kolpak, Master-Bilt, and Hoshizaki. We have both indoor and outdoor models in whatever size you might need, and if we don't have what you're looking for, call us up!