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Walgreens sells a variety of medical supplies, ranging from lift chairs and scooters to medical scrubs and clothing. Some items are available for purchase in store, while others are only available at Walgreens.com.


A generic medication list can be found on the pharmacy page of the company's website, says Walgreens. Users should click on the link for Value Price Medication list, and they can select from viewing the list in either English or Spanish.


Walgreens stores that are open 24 hours a day are always open on Christmas each year, according to a Walgreens corporate press release from 2013. Most non-24-hour stores have Christmas Day hours from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


The TENS unit from Walgreens is a device that provides pain relief by using transcutaneous nerve stimulation through use of an electrical current. The TENS unit can be used in addition to pain medications or as an alternative, explains Healthline and Walgreens.com. The unit is safe, effective and FD


Ear candles from Walgreens are not approved medical products; using them as medical devices is prohibited by federal law, states Walgreens. The candles are sold only for entertainment purposes, and the sellers and manufacturers disclaim liability for any resulting cost or damage claims arising from


Walgreens sells on NASDAQ under WBA, Walgreens Boot Alliance, Inc. Investor relations information can be found on the Walgreens website.


As of 2015, Walgreens offers seasonal flu vaccines and vaccines for tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough and meningitis, according to its website. It also offers pneumonia, chickenpox, HPV, hepatitis A, and hepatitis A and B combination vaccines. Other offerings include measles, mumps, rubella, polio


The opening hours for a Walgreens walk-in clinic vary by location and season. Patients can find information about the opening times of their local clinic on the Walgreens website.


The exact starting salary for a pharmacist at Walgreen's varies based on a pharmacist's education, experience and the pharmacy location. However, the pharmacist's average salary at Walgreen's as reported anonymously by Walgreen's pharmacists is $116,124 as of Aug. 27, 2014.


The web address to access the Walgreen's employee site is Employee.Walgreens.com. The website is an informational resource regarding employee information or company related information. A valid employee authenticator I.D., along with the matching password, is required in order to access the website,