To change your voter registration online, visit the online voter registration website for your state, and supply the required information per the instructions on the website. Depending on the state that you live in, onli... More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

Educational institutions, political bodies and other entities utilize online registration tools to collect student or member personal information and to register them for services. Online registration often requires a pe... More »

The Secretary of State's office for each state provides information on polling location and elections. Voter registration cards also list the precinct and polling location, usually by code on the front of the card. More »

Pennsylvania residents can find state voter registration information on the website of the Pennsylvania Secretary of State. The website provides both online and printable registration forms, registration deadlines, docum... More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

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According to the United States Election Assistance Commission, you may remove your name from the voter registration list by completing a cancellation of registration form and sending it to your state or local election of... More »

Eligible voters must be U.S. citizens in order to register; however, state residency requirements vary, according to U.S. Elections. Florida residents must register at least 29 days prior to an election, while in Califor... More » Government & Politics Politics Elections