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Reviews for Vonage home phone service are mainly positive with a few mid to negative reviews of the service mixed in. Seventy-six percent of reviewers on Consumer Affairs give Vonage four or five stars out of five, as of 2015. In comparison, only 13 percent of reviewers rate Vonage with one or two s


Vonage offers home phone service with a variety of plans. The prices vary according to the number of minutes in the plan and whether the customer wants international calls included. Customers who are willing to sign a one-year contract are able to get free activation and other benefits.


Depending on the type of service a customer needs, Vonage has different customer service numbers and other methods for contacting customer service. For instance, for billing information, customers can contact Vonage through its billing information line at 1-866-243-4357 as of 2015.


There are a number of reasons not to use a service such as Vonage for a business telephone service, but the main one is lack of sound quality. Vonage and other similar services rely on voice-over-IP technology, which can effect the quality of calls.


Customers can make payments to Vonage on the company's website by signing in to their online accounts and clicking the Pay Now button under Account Status. Vonage accepts early payments of up to $400 and any past due balances online.


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Our Vonage Business review demonstrates that a big name for the small business can get you connected By Tamsin Oxford 02 August 2019 Vonage provides a full service of solutions to the business, can grow with your needs, and has a well-designed dashboard that allows for ongoing customisation. Just do


Vonage is one of the leading VoIP service provider company. It is one of the oldest on the market. It offers residential and business VoIP. Ability to use the same line in a different place, with Vonage Pro Huge number of subscribers, over two million Gives you an ATA along with the service Money ba


Overall though, if you are happy to sign up to the service, and we can’t see why you wouldn’t be this is good stuff Price when reviewed TBC Overall though, if you are happy to sign up to the service, and we can’t see why you wouldn’t be this is good stuffRead full verdict (Pocket-lint) - So you've g


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