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People volunteer for a variety of reasons including a desire to feel a sense of purpose, because they're passionate about something, to give back to their communities or simply to meet others. Most volunteers consider volunteering a productive way to spend their free time.


People interested in volunteering can find local opportunities through websites such as Volunteermatch.org or Networkforgood.org, which match volunteers and needy organizations, or by directly contacting local charities. National organizations that offer local volunteer opportunities across the Unit


Suitable places for kids to volunteer include libraries, children's hospitals, nursing homes, animal shelters, and local public works departments. Kids can be among their peers while helping sick children in hospitals or reading to a younger crowd while assisting in a library.


Volunteer opportunity search engines can be found online at VolunteerMatch.org and Idealist.org. HandsOnNetwork.org hosts another online volunteer matching tool and directs users to community centers where interested individuals or businesses can get an in-person volunteer opportunity consultation.


Organizations should collect basic volunteer information such as name, address, phone number and email. Asking volunteers for an emergency contact person and phone number is useful for unexpected events. Organizations serving children, teens or elderly clients should require volunteers to provide a


A volunteer letter should express interest in the recruiting organization, outline the hours or resources the applicant is willing to volunteer, and list the capabilities or experiences relevant to the organization. The applicant should include his contact information and attach his resume to the le


Volunteering options for kids include collecting items or cash, helping at a pet shelter, spending time with senior citizens, cleaning the community and doing a fundraiser walk. Families can often volunteer together with charities, but some organizations have a minimum age for volunteers.


Some nice volunteer appreciation quotes are "Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart," by Elizabeth Andrew, "The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers," by Everett Mamor and "Volunteers don't get paid; not because they're worthless, but because they're pric


Volunteer programs that are good for teens include Habitat for Humanity, the Ronald McDonald House, the Special Olympics, the Guidepost Sweater Project and many local and state programs offered by food banks, hospitals and state parks. Teens also find opportunities through organizations like the Uni


Some volunteer opportunities for high school students include distributing food at a soup kitchen and reading to or spending time with the elderly. Other volunteer ideas for high schoolers include running in a charity marathon or participating in a clean up of a public space.