Some of the most common geometric shapes are the triangle, the square, the pentagon, the octagon and the circle. All of these shapes, except the circle, are polygons, meaning they have a discrete number of sides and angl... More »

The term "geometric shape" refers to any shape that remains virtually unchanged if it is moved around, flipped or reflected off of a surface. When manipulated, a geometric shape does not create a new shape; it remains in... More »

An American football is shaped like a prolate spheroid, a continuously curved three-dimensional object that is longer than it is around. Footballs used for the game of soccer are truncated icosahedrons, three-dimensional... More »

Some common shapes include the circle, the square and a triangle. Each of these shapes consists of either multiple lines or curves in some ratio. More » Math Geometry Shapes

To draw a perfect pentagon, a compass should be used and five equal lines should be drawn inside of a circle. A pentagon is a five-sided polygon with its internal angles totaling 540 degrees. More » Math Geometry Shapes

The triangle is the strongest geometric shape. Triangles are very hard to distort from their normal shape because of their fixed angles and ability to distribute force evenly to the other sides. This force is then transf... More »

An apothem of a triangle depends upon either the length of one of its side or the radius of a circle that fits inside it. There are two methods of determining an apothem through known measurements. More »