Two-dimensional shapes have dimensions, such as length and width, while three-dimensional shapes have an additional dimension, such as height. Any shape that only has a surface area is a 2-D shape while shapes with volum... More »

Two-dimensional, or 2-D, shapes are those that exist in only two dimensions while three-dimensional, or 3-D, shapes exist in three dimensions. Both 2-D and 3-D shapes typically have length and width dimensions, also refe... More » Math Geometry Shapes

To find the volume of a shape, apply and solve the right volume formula that correlates with the specific shape in question. Some different shapes might be a cube, cylinder, pyramid or cone. More »

Standard wall to wall bathtubs range from 48 to 72 inches in length, 32 to 48 inches in width and 14 to 25 inches in height. A wall to wall bathtub's capacity ranges from 56 to 82 gallons. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Plumbing

The U.S. Department of Transportation states the maximum width for commercial motor vehicles is 102.36 inches, with a length of anywhere from 48 to 53 feet and a height of 13 to 14 feet. There is no legal height limit fo... More »

The interior dimensions of a 53-foot trailer are 630 inches x 102 inches x 110 inches (length x width x height). The driver cabin is not included in this dimension. More »

The 2015 F-150 Ford truck standard dimensions are 243.7 by 96.8 by 75.7 inches in length, width and height respectively. The width measurement includes the length of the truck's side mirrors when extended. When the side ... More »