To figure out the number of liters needed to full a container (such as a tank), divide the volume of the container, in cubic centimeters, by 1,000. One liter of water equals 1,000 cubic centimeters. More »

A cubic unit represents a volume taken up by one unit of length, width and height. A liter is a three-dimensional unit of volume, not length; therefore, the term "cubic liter" does not make sense. More »

According to ChemTeam, molar volume is the volume taken up by one mole of ideal gas at a standard temperature and pressure. It has a of value of 22.414 liters per mole. More » Science Chemistry States of Matter

A volume of 75cl, or 75 centiliters, is 750 milliliters or 0.75 liters. This is equal to 1.59 pints in the U.S. measurement system or 1.32 pints in the imperial measurement system. More »

To convert a liter to a gallon, set a proportion of one gallon to the number of liters it contains versus the number of liters known to x gallons. A gallon is legally defined in the United States as 2.31 cubic inches, or... More »

The number of grams in 1 cup is determined by the difference between the weight and volume of the substance being measured. For instance, 1 cup of any regular liquid equals approximately 240 grams, while 1 cup of soup co... More » Food Food Measurements

To calculate volume in liters, measure the dimensions of the object in centimeters, calculate the volume in cubic centimeters, and convert the volume to liters. The project requires a metric ruler. A calculator reduces t... More »