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Your doctor may prescribe vitamin D 1.25 mg soft gels for you if you have trouble absorbing calcium normally. This may occur because of medical conditions such as osteoporosis or advanced age, among others. This type of vitamin D, known also as ergocalciferol" or vitamin D2, delivered in this high does generally would be taken only once per week.


I was given vitamin d2 50, 000 units, 1.25 mg to take weekly. I took 2 in 4 days by accident. What will happen?


Researchers have found that 50,000 International Units of vitamin D2, given weekly for eight weeks, effectively treats vitamin D deficiency. Boston University School of Medicine researchers (BUSM ...


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One USP unit of vitamin D 2 is equivalent to one International Unit (IU), and 1 mcg of vitamin D 2 is equal to 40 USP Units. Each capsule contains Vitamin D (Ergocalciferol) 1.25 mg equivalent to 50,000 USP Units in an edible vegetable oil.


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In children with Fanconi syndrome, oral ergocalciferol dosages of 625 mcg to 1.25 mg daily have been used. Vitamin D-Dependent Rickets. For the treatment of vitamin D-dependent rickets in adults, oral ergocalciferol dosages of 250 mcg to 1.5 mg daily have been recommended; some patients may require up to 12.5 mg daily.


Vitamin D 1.25 mg-URL, green, , gel coated ... A typical prescription dose of vitamin D2 tablets is 50,000 IU weekly. For some conditions, it's only taken for a short amount of time — a few ...


So how much vitamin D do you need? This is highly debated, but we appear to be settling on a consensus. The best way to get vitamin D is through exposure to sunlight. In order to get enough, you should get at least 20 – 30 minutes of exposure to sunlight everyday, so your skin can make vitamin D naturally.


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that can be obtained from the diet or synthesized by the skin following exposure to direct sunlight. Cholecalciferol, or D3, and ergocalciferol, or D2, are two of the most common forms of vitamin D supplements. The potency of cholecalciferol is higher when compared to ergocalciferol with higher doses of cholecalciferol rarely exceeding 5,000 international ...