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During the early part of July, Mercury will be visible low in the western evening sky for a short period after sunset, the best viewing time falling between 9:30 and 10 p.m. local time.


Tonight's Sky in New York, Jul 18 – Jul 19, 2019 (6 planets visible) Venus rise and set in New York Fairly close to the Sun. Visible around sunrise and sunset only.


Venus, the brightest planet, looms low in the east before sunrise in early July 2019.Day by day, Venus sinks closer to the sunrise, so this world must contend with the sun’s glare throughout ...


Visible only for a short time before sunrise on Monday, July 1, the very slim, old crescent moon will be positioned 6.5 degrees to the upper right (southwest) of the bright planet Venus.


Seasons are caused not by variation in our planet’s distance from the Sun but by its axial tilt causing differential solar lighting on its Northern and Southern Hemispheres. There is a partial lunar eclipse on July 16, visible from South America and much of the Eastern hemisphere. It will not be visible from North America.


Check out Naked Eye Planets for a super-detailed description of when and where Jupiter will be visible in the night sky during 2019. The best views of Jupiter will occur on June 10 when it reaches opposition to the Sun.


When You Can See The Visible Planets in 2019 Mercury. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun in our Solar System. Because it is so close to the Sun, it is only observable in the early morning, just after sunrise, or at dusk. In fact, ancient Greek astronomers once believed Mercury was actually two separate objects. It usually appears as a ...


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Saturn will be visible with the naked eye all night long. You'll need a telescope to see the planet's famous rings, however. The planet will be in good view throughout July, August and September.


A conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will be visible on January 22. The two bright planets will be visible within 2.4 degrees of each other in the early morning sky. Look for this impressive sight in the east just before sunrise. January 20 & 21 - Total Lunar Eclipse.