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Visa uses interchange reimbursement fees as transfer fees between acquiring banks and issuing banks for each Visa card transaction. Visa uses these fees to balance and grow the payment system for the benefit of all participants. Merchants do not pay interchange reimbursement fees—merchants negotiate and pay a “merchant discount” to their ...


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Pursuant to a settlement of the U.S. merchant class litigation, Mastercard modified certain rules and business practices to permit U.S. merchants to apply an extra checkout fee, also known as a surcharge, to customers who pay with Mastercard-branded credit cards.


With ever increasing rules, regulations and policies being put in place to cover various organizations across the globe, it can sometimes be hard to know what is expected of your company. After all, understand the wording and small print doesn't always come easy! Credit card processing is no exception.


Visa changed its chargeback resolution process in April 2018. Visa's new chargeback policies will apply to all merchants, and business owners need to know how to fight chargebacks now that the VCR initiative is underway. Learn about Visa's new rules in this article...


Credit card surcharging is very complex, as the rules cross multiple card brands and terms of acceptance. Here’s an updated review of who can surcharge, what card types, and checklist of how to roll out credit card surcharge at your company. The answers are targeted for business to business merchants, my area of expertise.


In addition, MasterCard and Visa also now require that the surcharge amount be included in the transaction that is sent to MasterCard and Visa. As a result, merchants are effectively required to have a credit card terminal or other POS system that can provide the transaction surcharge as part of the credit card transaction.


Visa offers a secure, safe, and convenient network. From travel cards to rewards cards for business, Visa has a variety of credit cards for different spending habits. Find unique card benefits to fit your needs, from a variety of issuers. Here are the best Visa credit cards from our partners. See ...


Rules impacting processors and merchants. As a Mastercard processor or merchant, you are vital to our success. And that success is better assured if you have access to and understand the Mastercard rules and how they may apply to your business. You also should be aware that Mastercard rules and other standards change from time to time.


Second, as for debit or credit cards, this is exactly what Visa rules say: “Merchants with Acceptance Devices that offer Cardholder choice for debit Transactions in the form of “credit” and “debit” buttons must ensure that: – Visa debit Card Transactions are not assessed a US Credit Card Surcharge